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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Helping you to put the pieces of
your financial life in order.

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What We Offer

K3C Credit Counselling is a community based non-profit charitable organization that provides face-to-face counselling to people who are experiencing financial difficulties. We help people regain control of their financial lives.

We offer:

  • Budgeting tips and money management techniques to help you manage your day-to-day finances, keep up-to-date with monthly bills, save for the future, and pay down debt. You will learn to live within your means.
  • A viable alternative to bankruptcy called our Debt Management Program. You make one monthly payment to our agency -- we do the rest. No more juggling several bills.
  • A variety of educational presentations and community outreach activities through our connections with community services, service clubs, and employers. Come see us in action and get involved!
And, we have been providing these services since 1968.

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K3C Credit Counselling Can...
    • Assess your financial situation
    • Discuss all the options available to you 
    • Teach you budgeting and money management techniques
    • Amend your budget when your situation changes
    • Negotiate a repayment plan with your creditors
    • Ask creditors to stop or reduce interest
    • Provide information regarding the repossession, eviction or power of sale process
    • Conduct free educational seminars in schools, workplaces and in your community
    • Refer you to community resources such as a bankruptcy trustee if necessary
K3C Credit Counselling Can't...
    • Lend you money
    • Make decisions for you
    • Provide legal advice
    • Act as your power of attorney
    • Stop utilities or services disconnection
    • Stop a repossession, eviction or power-of-sale 
Important News
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Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, Dec 2015

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Money Sense Interview with Debbie Gillis, Director of Credit Counselling

Money Sense Interview with Debbie Gillis, Director of Credit Counselling 

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