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Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Newly Wed & Newly In Debt

"All through school I'd managed to stay out of debt. Now that we were married, I saw that my husband didn't manage money the same way. We had two ways of looking at things. I went along at first -buying everything at once so that our home would be perfect. But when an unexpected layoff cut our household income by half, the debts overwhelmed us. Collectors were calling all the time, at home and at work.

Fortunately we found K3C Credit Counselling, and our Counsellor was great. Without judging us or what we'd done she calmly helped us to establish a spending budget that worked. She called our creditors and got them to back off and negotiated reduced payments that we could afford. Mostly, she made sure that we talked through our goals to get perspective on where we're going. We're fine now and we're right on track!" - R.W.

Accidentally In Debt With No Way Out

"What a disaster! Joan and I we're driving to Sudbury during a snow storm. A pickup truck pulled out in front of us and I swerved to miss it. Bang - our car caught a pole and flipped over! Joan was hurt and I was a real mess. I've was off work now for 18 months, and Joan was home with me during the day and pulling night shifts at work. Her wages didn't cover all the bills. We didn't know what to do when the card company started action to garnishee Joan's wages.

We'd have lost everything if we hadn't found K3C Credit Counselling when we did. They made arrangements with our creditors so that we could avoid bankruptcy and keep the house. They actually got our bank and the credit card company to reduce the payment and to freeze the interest.  I should be back to work later this summer.  If it weren't for the support from K3C, we could have lost everything!" - P.T.

One Family, Two Households

When the divorce came, I did everything I could so that my kids could stay in the family home. I figured that since I'm in sales, I could work harder to support two households. I'd under-estimated how much the stress would affect me. I ended up in real trouble - not earning nearly enough, and borrowing from Peter to pay Paul! The crisis came when I foolishly resorted to getting pay day loans!

My Dad knew about Credit Counselling and insisted I book an appointment. I'm truly grateful he did! My Counsellor stepped in, called my creditors, and the collection calls stopped right away. Finally I was free to focus on my work! The repayment plan he negotiated gave me the breathing room I needed to turn things around. My earnings have improved, so it's all a little easier. But the big change is that I plan and budget now. I learned that from K3C Credit Counselling." - M.A.

Successful To The Bitter End

"I'm 51 with two kids in university. Until last year, I was a highly paid executive. Now, the best thing I can say is that I have a job - not a good one - but at least I'm working. Of course, when the trouble started, I tried to stay confident and upbeat. I didn't want to worry my family, so I let everyone keep spending as though I had an income! In 6 months, my credit line was maxed out and I had $32,000 in new credit card debt! I was at my limits and about to miss payments.

My new boss was great. First off, he gave me a job when most companies wouldn't give me an interview. Then he figured out I was in financial trouble and suggested I call K3C Credit Counselling. My Counsellor was my coach, my advocate, and my financial advisor. I dropped the sports club and golf memberships, sent my kids to K3C Credit Counselling to discuss their student loans, and settled into a lifestyle that fits my paycheque and budget. Thank goodness for K3C Credit Counselling! - B.K.

Important News
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Money Sense Interview with Debbie Gillis, Director of Credit Counselling

Money Sense Interview with Debbie Gillis, Director of Credit Counselling 

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