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Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Debt Management Program (DMP)

What is the Debt Management Program?

The Debt Management Program (DMP) allows an individual the opportunity to repay their debts in an orderly fashion and avoid some of the negative consequences of declaring bankruptcy.  A Certified Credit Counsellor works with an individual to build an affordable monthly debt repayment plan.

K3C Credit Counselling sends proposals asking each creditor to accept a smaller payment.  We ask the creditor to suspend or reduce the interest charges.

Each month the client makes a payment to K3C Credit Counselling which is then divided among the creditors on a pro-rated basis.

Some General Information


Set up Fee - There is a small one-time set up fee.

Administration Fee - This small fee is built into your overall monthly payment.  We are a non profit, charitable organization and any fees collected help to offset a portion of our operating costs.


We do periodic reviews to monitor your progress.  It is important that you call us if there are any problems or significant changes. Sometimes it can be handled over the phone, but some situations require an appointment.


Contact us to find out how to view your DMP Statements online.
Upon request, we provide you with periodic DMP Statements helping you to track your progress. 

Important News
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